4-day Riding - Guided Tour

4 days guided riding tour

This is the riding holiday for the rider who can´t get enough of the Icelandic Horse and the gastronomy in 4 days.

Arrival at the Villa Rosa by Jammerbugten

This is the day where we ride along Jammerbugten in the tracks of the pirates who used to live here.  Arrival at 19. O´clock. 

Every year we see the same, people arrive with butterflies in their stomachs. They have great expectations to the holiday. ” is it as great at the rumour or ?” 

Our guests come back year after year, which makes us believe that we are doing the right thing. We have created a tour which we ourselves believe is the optimum riding holiday.  We appreciated good and willing horses with lots of natural tölt, lovely nature, garnished with lots of high quality food and wine. We must admit that at the Villa Rosa we appreciate the good life and its luxury. However we much prefer the relaxed version which leaves you and us with the best experience.

Wednesday is for accommodation, we provide nice beds with real down pillows and quilts. There might even be a little surprise on your pillow.  People arrive excited chatting about the horses and the days to come, enjoy a nice drink, and soon the atmosphere is warm and friendly.

This night we start with the Scandinavian kitchen followed by freshly brewed coffee/tea and drinks. Time goes by quickly and people go to bed ready to dream of the beautiful stallion or mare seen outside in the field slowly eating.   

Goodnight and sleep well Good food, wine and the Icelandic horse

In the morning we start out with a large breakfast buffet from 08.15 til 09.45  Enjoy a deliciously fresh smoothie, or maybe a black coffee to wake you up? The choice is yours.  A various choice of breakfast, todays papers, croissants from the oven – and different types of luxurious cheese. Enjoy.

After breakfast it is time to go into the field and gather the horses.  Find your favorite and take it into the stables to groome. On the first day we spend a little extra time to groome the horse before riding out.   To make sure that you have chosen the right horse, we have a slow start. It is match making time. If you bring extra equipment eg. a camera, you can put it into the car which is used for transporting the lunch.

We ride out, towards Buldbjerg passing the only bird cliff in Denmark.  We ride through the dun moor and the forrest, down towards the beach.  After a couple of hours we arrive and a deliciously well provided table with white table cloth and candelabra is ready for us. We enjoy our lunch, in respect of the weather 1 – 1,5 hours.

After lunch we are back into the sattle.  Riding app. 1,5 hours untill we meet the pen by Lild.  We will be picked up here and taken back to the Villa Rosa where refreshments are waiting for us at the patio.  On a weathery day we may enjoy the refreshments in the winery. This is the time for the massage or the piedcure you may have ordered.

Drinks will be ready at around 19.00.  Around the dinner table life is perfect , read cheeks, we are high from the weather, the nature, the horses, good wine and gastronomy Life if never better that at this time. 

: Riding to Hjardemål including a delicious lunch in the beautiful scenery

The breakfast buffet is ready at 08.15 – today you will probably have the freshly squeesed orange juice you didn´t get yesterday. The smoothie of the day.  A lovely peace of salmon is also a possibility, the kitchen smells of freshly baked croissants and the very best marmelade from the famous Danish chef  Claus Meyer.

When we have finished reading the papers of the day it is time to be transported to the horses again. The time is now around 10. O`clock.  . We will arrive to sleeping and content horses with full stomachs. We put the saddles on the horses and ride towards Hjardemål, we will be riding through one of  Danmarks most vast areas. It is the Danish wilderness – it is the country of the deers , lots of birds of prey flying around us wondering if we might be todays lunch.

After 2,5 hours of riding we arrive at the seaside where lunch is served close to a lille lake nearby. Please to remember to pick a lot of wild mint for our mojito drinks tonight.

After lunch we will ride for another 1,5 hours to the most beautiful fence in Hjardemål. A little lake in the middle of the fence.  On a warm day you Often see the horses enjoy bathing in the lake.. We leave the horses in the fence and enjoy looking at them when they roll around in the grass and splashing in the lake as they were little children.

We will be picked up and driven home again. It is time for wellness at  Klimstrand. We will pack a basket with drinks and off we go.

After a couple of hours in the land of Fairytales we will go home and enjoy our dinner. This is the day where the guests are the most tired. Noone will laugh at you for having an early night.  If you still have the energy you are welcome to stay in the living room.

Icelandic horses, adventure and gentle luxurious

Breakfast starts at  08.15.

Black freshly brewed coffee and a pancake with maple syrup. Homemade ryebread with the local sausage and maybe even some goat cheese.

Off we go on the horses after being transported to Hjardemål, where we catch our horse. We will continue our trip to Hanstholm. We will spend a couple of hours  in the saddle and will cross the trips most fantastic sandy beach.  This is the place for a quick tølt trip , we will quickly arrive at the old mysterious nazibunkers from the second world war.. Some of them are in the ocean and some on the beach as a bizar memory of a dark time.

We will enjoy our lunch in nature , hopefully withour too much of the wind from the west. After a delicious lunch we lie back in the sand and enjoy the colours of the sky and the quiet nature.  It is time to go back into the sadle to ride the last bit of the trip to Hanstholm where the horses are going to spend the night and recover for the next day, which will be the longest of them all.

When we arrive home our  masseuse is ready for you. Remember to book a time. You are also wellcome to use our massagechair.

It is also possible to get a massage in our enjoyable massageroom with the beautiful wallpainting of the sea. The scent from the massageoils makes the experience even more intense.

At around 19.00 O´clock we it is time for the winetasting.  We enjoy a little bread with it as to prevent that we have to carry the guest to the dinner later on. The wine we serve is so nice that it would be a minor disaster to spit out again.  Cheers!

Later it is time for dinner.  The guests are talking about the trip on the beach and the fabulous nature around us. We enjoy each others company and the coffe and drinks. Did you taste the petit fours?

Thank you for a lovely day.

:  The finish of a fantastic riding holiday

We will enjoy the last breakfast buffet.  Start your day with a blueberry smoothie, it gives you lots of antioxidants to make you feel healthier. Or maybe you prefer  eggs and bacon after all the good wine yesterday?

We will be driving al the way to Hansholm, where we start by riding the long trip back to the Vila Rosa.  We ride along the rescuelane and enjoy that our horses are in super good form and can tølt endlessly with us for hours and hours.  We will go through a small Fishing village Lildstrand, where no more than a 100 people are living. We will enjoy lunch at our good friend Tex who owns a small gallery. This gives us the possibility to look at his artwork and maybe bring home a gift.

After our version of the Danish cold table for lunch we will be riding towards Buldbjerg and back home to the Vila Rosa.  Before you travel home there is time enough for a bath and a drink.

Thank you for your visit and travel safely.  We will see you again and keep dreaming of the next time .



Price 1525.- euro

Transit airport 50.-



Booking from USA please contact our agent: Celie Weston, www.celieweston.com, celiewestonhorsemanship@gmail.com go telefone (818) 445 6265  Tujunga, California.

* This is our way of making a riding holiday.  If you prefer riding 6-8 hours a day, a trip to Iceland will fulfill your dreams.  We have the contacts and will be happy to help you organize your trip.

Riding is at your own risk – riding helmet must be used.