Jeden Herbst bringen wir 12 ausgesuchte Pferde nach Elsass, wo wir Reittouren anbieten. 

Die Qualitätpferde haben wir bei dänischen Züchtern gefunden, Pferde die unsere Forderungen an Spitzenpferde erfüllen. Die bleiben mindestens 3 Mt. bei uns, damit wir wissen was wir anbieten. 
Im Laufe August werden wir Videos von denen machen lassen, Aufnahmen die man auf dieser Seite sehen kann. Zögert nicht uns zu kontaktieren damit wir  deine Wünsche leichter entgegenkommen können. Vielleicht haben wir schon dein 
Pferd und können  dir sofort mehrere Auskünfte senden.

Gullfeti fra Foghsminde DK2012100203

Gullfeti is a fearless horse with a soft tölt. He is perfect for all kind of riders. His temperament is middel+, but very calm. He is very easy in the herd and a happy horse. He could fit for an theraphy horse with his strong body and gentle mind. He is around 1.40 meter and strong builded.

Price 4.900.- euro. 



Björk fra Klosterheden DK2008206311

Björk is a Nice horse with a little more than middel temperament on tour and middel temperament on a track. she has really soft gaits. She is very easy to ride out alone.  She is around 1.38 meter. Easy in the herd. Easy in grooming. 

Price 6.500.- euro.

 Steinunn Lilja fra Asob DK2010200084

Lilja is a turbo tölter with a lot of caracter. She is really funny and loves to explore. She i always the first one who meet you in the herd. Her temperament is more than middel, she loves working! Her gaits is very soft and she is very easy to ride. In Denmark the oldest rider who has been riding her is 75 years old. His balance was not so good, but Lilja i so strong in the tölt and she has a very good balance in all kind of terrain, and Then it was no problem for him to ride a 4 day Tour(120 kilometers). When she is riding in a herd she is Best in the front part where she has a wiew. She is never afraid of anything and she is used to ride with horses by hand by her side. She makes the youngsters very calm because she i always so cool! She is around 1.38 meter and strong builed. 

Price 7.000 euro.-

Kolbjörn fra Guldbæk DK2011100800

Kolbjörn is the perfekt horse for children and old people. He is very easy to ride in the gaits and always a happy and easy horse to handle. His temperament is middel on tours and a under middel on a track. He is never afraid of anything and a horse i would let my children ride without worrying me at all! We will not sell him to a riding school, only privates who has the oppertunity to ride out in the Nature, this is his happy place :) He is around 1.40 meter. Both his parents are judged In 1 class

Price 9.500 .- euro. 

Svarti Sokki fra Laven Mark DK2011100074

Sokki is strong builded horse with a Nice caracter. His temperament is a bit under middel and He is very easy in groming and riding. He fits for children, old people and therapy. On the picture you see a 76 year old man on him. He was riding him on a four day Tour in Denmark and He LOVED him! He is around 1.40 meter with a Big body.

Price 9500.-

Brellir fra Mellemgård DK2013100155

Brellir is soft soft horse, who gives his rider a wonderfull feeling, because of his beautyfull form under rider. His temperment is bit more than middel. He is around 1.47 meter and fit builded. Very Nice in the herd and easy in gromming. A natural tølter type

Price 9500.-euro. 

Bròðir fra Skovdalen DK2011100968

Bròðir is an gentleman! He is always easy and happy! He is perfect for children and old people. You Can always trust him. He is very easy in the herd, easy to handle and easy to ride. You Can not find a nicer caracter! He Is around 1.42 meter. His temperament is middel. LOVELY HORSE <3>

Price 9.500.- euro. 


Víkivaki fra Kallmayer DK2013100480

Víkivaki is an fantastic tölt horse. He Can go in tölt for hours! And his other gaits i also really good! His temperament is middel, He is always an gentleman and a very happy horse! He has a beautyfull Colour, He is globrun. When He was 5 years old he went to a competition with a 12 years old girl and won! He is very easy and his caracter is Perfect! He is around 1.40 meter and sporty builded.

Price 12.000 euro. 

Hrafn fra Valhalla DK2012100524

HRafn is a big beautiful gelding around 1.44 meter and He is from a very good Pristur from Feti son. The mother is Viðbót that is a daughter off Orri fra Pufu.

He is a 4 gaiter. He could be a 5 gaiter in the future. The father started as a 4 gaiter and ended up as a 5 gaiter. Nice tölt with a impressive form under rider. Still needs more confidence alone. He is improving very much in this time of his life. He likes to ride both in the Nature and on a track. His temperament is middel. He is an easy horse.

Price 10.000.- euro.


Rúbín fra Krogstedet DK2012100625

Rúbín is a talented horse perfect for competition. Very calm in grooming and in the herd. Good steaminia and he is a perfect horse for an ambitious rider! Nice caracter! He is around 1.42 meter and streng builded. He is improving every week now. He is only trained 8 month totally over 2 years. A big talent for a ambitious rider.

Price 14.500.- euro. 

Sesar fra Villa Rosa DK2013100703

Sesar is amazing!!!!!

Price High end.