All our saleshorses are born in Denmark. We educate all our horses ourselves. We bring them with us  on our trips here in Denmark and later we bring some to Alsace. So our horses have experienced a lot before we are selling  them. So we know our horses very well before we sell them.

We offer quality traveling horses with good gaits and easy characters. Sometimes we also have some horses for competition. If you buy a horse from us we give you 10% on all equipment from

Friddóra fra Lundgaarden DK2012200113

We call here a little Andalusia horse because she always bend her neck naturally. She is always meet you on the paddock when you come to catch her for a riding tour. A beautiful horse with a big mane. She have a very interesting family. She would fit for a rider that want a nice horse with talent for tölt competitions. She Is 137 cm but she feels bigger because of her high movements. 9.800.- euro in Alsace

Glámur fra Gl. Hasseris DK2009100629

Glàmur is a little fast paced in world class.

He fit for a small rider that wants a horse with fast gaits. We also have used him on our trips. The moment we go in a group he emidily know that, and then all riders that likes a horse with energy can ride him.Cool in traffic etc.

8500.- in Alsace

Ófeigur fra Thorup DK2009101124

We bought Òfeigur for some months ago from a woman that only have experience with big horses. So the tölt was on the spot. So we have learnt him to move forward I tölt. In the daily training he is even better than on the beach. His shoes are 8 mm. In grooming he is very friendly. Also with other horses he is very easy. He never fight with other horses. He run perfect by hand when we bring him by the side on another horse. He always goes up in the trailer. Easy to shoe etc etc. He is a awakened horse on a positive way. 12.500.- euro

Oskar fra Villa Rosa DK2013100680

A very big gelding 145 cm after very good parents. The father is the famous Stefnir fra Sanholarferju 9.5 for tölt. The mother is Nett fra Lykkesminde 8.5 for tölt.

Oskar himself is a 5 gaiter whith 5 equel gaits. Everybody can ride him. He is one of our best horses now. Beautiful high stepping in tölt.  13.500.-

Kraftur fra Carlshoej DK2009101158

A very big gelding that would fit for therapi. He is having a wonderful character and even children can handle him. A nice and soft tölt. Always positive in all matters.

Hrafn fra Valhalla DK2012100524

He is a big beautiful gelding 144 cm that is from a very good Pristur fra Feti son. The mother is Viðbót that is a daughter off Orri fra Pufu.

He is a 4 gaiter. He could be a 5 gaiter in the future. The father started as a 4 gaiter and ended up as a 5 gaiter. Very soft tölt with a impressive form under rider. Still needs more confidence alone. But very calm in his character. He is improving very much in this time of his life. 

Price range 10.000.—11.000.- euro

Ljósvængur fra Tøndborg DK2011100648

Ljósvængur is a good traveling horse. He is easy to ride in all gaits. He is a 5 gaiter. He is a natural tølter and very soft. He is 1.42 and he has a very big and wide body. His temperement is middel, most people can ride him. 

Fjóla fra Mejerigaarden DK2011200467

Fjòla is the princess horse on the farm. Very beautiful and big.

She was brokn in last summer, and was very easy to train. 

She have stamina more than average. She is never afraid of anything she meets. She is 142 cm

Price range 10.000-12.000- euro in Alsace

Rosa fra Villa Rosa DK2013200704

Rosa is always the first horse in the herd that comes when she sees people. More happy and gentle horse is difficult to find. And with her beautiful building is she a true dream. Her parents are both judge horses. She has already been with us on 4 days trips. She is natureal born calm.

Price range 12.000-14.000.- euro. 

Bjørk fra Gl. Vastrup DK2009200925

The children’s favorite. You can’t find a more save horse than Björk. Always ready to please her rider. She doesn’t care where she is in the group when you are out riding in a group. Lovely gaits. Always tölting even that she also have a good pace.

She is 137 cm but a very strong built horse.

Price 9500.- euro

Vidja fra Villa Rosa DK2013200705

A soft minded mare where the mother is from the famous stallion Orri fra Pufu. The father is Garpur fra auðholtshjáleigu that have 1 price for offspring.

On the video she have no front shoes on, we took the of because she had far to much movements with shoes. She have extremely strong hoofs, so she don’t care where you ride here. The tölt is now strong in here, and she is soon ready to have shoes on.

A child can handle her on the stable. She is like and old horse in her character. Her stamina is a more than average but not to much. A very interesting horse for the rider that can continue her education. She is 139 cm.

Price 7000.- euro.