Riding holliday in Denmark and Alsace,France

Enjoy your holiday horseback riding the  guided tours in a beautiful nature on  the back of an Icelandic horse …. And enjoy  delicious gastronomy. 

Every season, even every month we have something special to offer our guests regarding the Icelandic Horse, Riding tours and gastronomy.

In the northern countries we look forward to the summer with its light during  the long nights and days.  However the light and the happiness does not end with the summer.  The autumn surprises everyone who appreciates the life of nature, witha fantastic variety of berries, mushrooms and vegetables of any kind.  The forest changes colours and the melancholy of autumn is created right in front of our eyes.   The blues of nature.

When it is cold and frosty, we turn to the sea for fresh fish and oysters at the size and quality that will please even a trained gastronomer.

At last the spring comes with the newborn foal, new life and new generations are born together with hopes and dreams.

In this way all the months of the year are celebrated in their own way at the Villa Rosa.  On a hot summers day we can enjoy a cold glass of wine at our large patio, or if it is chilly we enjoy our drinks by the candle light in the winery after relaxing in the hot tub outside. 

At the Villa Rosa we keep dreaming and look forward to welcoming you.